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Nowood Eco is a company devoted to the future of design, tracking the innovations in technology, practices and materials that are pushing architecture and designs towards a smarter and more sustainable future.

Eco Outdoor specialises in the supply of innovative and unique exterior surface treatments for residential and commercial projects. When it comes to external surface treatments we’re committed to leading the market with innovative, natural and considered design solutions. Our ability to source, buy and develop a truly unique product range is second to none.

Why Choose Us?

We offer total Interior solutions and furniture supplies for all types of projects, whether it is for Government, Semi-government or Private Sector.

All our products are eco friendly.

A range of unique advantages:

  • # Water Resistant
  • # Fire Resistant
  • # Easy to Handle
  • # Smooth Surface
  • # Non-toxic
  • # Termite Proof

Our Mission

"Providing the best Quality products & Services by utilizing Modern Machinery,
equipment & highly committed Professional staff to
achieve utmost customer satisfaction."

Meet The Team

Thushan Aththudawe

Managing Director

Manjula Rajapaksha


Chandana Nanayakkara

Operations Manager

Rangana Weerasekara

Business Development Manager

M.A.C. Madurasinghe

Marketing Manager

Pradeep Hennayake

Marketing Manager

Anil Karunarathna

Marketing Manager

Manjula Serasinghe

Production Manager

Thushan Aththudawe (Managing Director)

Manjula Rajapaksha (Director)

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Good for Nature, Good for You. All your furniture needs without Deforestation

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