Multifunctional Furniture

Do more with less. Our wide range of multifunctional furniture is the best choice for all your diverse needs. Modern designs built with zero environment impact. Make your decision a responsible one.

Eco-Friendly Concepts

Our brand is built around the good will of eco-friendly furniture solutions. Why cut trees when you can gain more in a greener world. Nowood Eco; Good for Nature. Good for You

Customized Interior Designs

Nowood Eco is a pioneer Interior designing company in Sri Lanka. Contact us and our expert team will happilly assist to get your arrangment done with durable eco-friendly material.

Modern Designs

We bring you the latest designs from around the world with the good feeling of eco friendliness. Discover our wide range of solutions for all your business and home needs.

100% Reuse

100% Reduce

100% Recycle

Products & Services

Discover our Products and Services.

Products | What we make

Showroom Cupboard
Office Furniture
Bathroom Furniture

Children Furniture
Pantry Cupboards

Services | What we can do for you

Interior Designing
Office Furnishing
Outdoor Furnishing

Vehicle Interior

Why Choose Nowood?

Nowood sheet is specially designed using polymers for high quality and durability
with a zero environmental impact .

Water Resistant

All our products are made with water-proof materials and provides excellent protection from fluid based damages.

Fire Resistant

Nowood products are made with high quality fire proof polymers to ensure maximum protection.

Easy To Handle

All our products are made with specially engineered light-weight polymer materials and are easier to handle.

Smooth Surface

Custom designed elegant products with smooth surfaces and high quality finish to suite your requirement.

Non Toxic

Nowood products are made with non-toxic eco firendly products. Its good for you and good for nature.

Termite Proof

Nowood products are polymer engineered and are resistant from termite and insect damages.

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Good for Nature, Good for You. All your furniture needs without Deforestation

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